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News Round Up

So I know I normally post preview on Friday, but there is news that needs to be rounded up and we play Sunday, so here you go.

As you may have heard the FA are hassling Super Kev over his little remarks on the Fulham game. Davies had a goal ruled out dubiously. The offending remarks include:

"When I saw who was the referee I didn't expect to get anything off him. Over the years I have never got much from him...I have always felt there is something personal there."

Now I'll admit, it's not the most professional thing to do, but I don't think it warrants an investigation. He did not call the ref names, he didn't make any offensive remarks, he merely lets out his frustration and sounds a little paranoid. I don't think the word slur applies to any of his comments, however the FA beg to differ and have asked him to "explain" his remarks, though I'm not sure what that implies seeing as it's fairly self-explanatory but oh well. Coyle has come out in support of his skipper claiming he was just being honest. I think the whole thing is a bit silly, and people should move on, but best of luck with the FA, Kev.

In other news Chris Basham has gotten himself injured in a reserves game. Not a huge deal considering he's only made 19 appearances since joining Bolton in 2006, and if we have to get injuries I'd prefer it to be the players we don't actually play.

Lastly, and most exciting for me, Bolton is holding a little fundraiser for troops, both veterans and current, with the Royal British Legion and Help for Heroes. They're selling used shirts, boots, and shorts signed by the players. All proceeds will be split between the two charities. If you interested (and who wouldn't be) pop on over to eBay and make a bid. And oif you don't fancy any of it, but want to support charity and me, I'd die a happy woman with those Kevin Davies shorts. Just saying.