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Blackburn v. Bolton OR Why Not, Let's Have Another Derby

Derbies do get a little less exciting when there's a minimum of 14 a year for your club don't they? Sorry I've been a bit absentee lately, I've been sick for the past week and a half and it's been difficult to work up the energy and/or coherence to write a post. Anyway, after a thoroughly disappointing result at the DW, in which Matty Taylor missed 3 chances late on, giving us a goalless draw, we travel to Ewood Park to take on Blackburn.

My father pointed out to me today that we haven't won a single match we didn't deserve. We lost matches we didn't deserve to lose, and we've drawn matches we didn't deserve to draw, but we haven't won one we didn't deserve yet. Bolton need to learn how to take results, take the shots when you get them ala Defoe (he scored in the 61st minute against Bolton, it was his first shot of the game).

Blackburn are a tough team, especially at home, they've lost just 1 of their last 12 home matches. This going to require a determined Bolton, and that seems to be what Bolton don't have. If they start the game well, the can only keep it up for a half, if they don't start well they don't seem to have the determination to bring up their game. Blackburn are a physical team, run by our old hero Big Sam, and they won't have a problem bringing the game to us.

On the good news side of things, Klasnic may be able to feature in the game after showing great improvement on his calf injury. He probably won't get a full 90 minutes, but considering we've only score 1 goal in our 5 games without him, I'll take anything at this point. Other than him, our injured are Cahill (blood clot still), Davis and O'Brien (out all season), and McCann, which frankly I'm glad about because that means there's no chance he can get on the pitch.

This is a game we absolutely need points in. We have 13 games left to play this season so we need to get out of the relegation zone soon. Luckily for us the bottom of the table is incredibly congested, 3 points would take us up to 14th, ut we do need to start scoring goals again if we want those three points. Coyle seems to have worked out our defense, but he better get to the offense soon, or it's the Championship for us I'm afraid.