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A Rant on Blackburn 3-0 Bolton

coyleI've said this before, but this time it's worse. Looking solely at the results and not taking into account the football, we could still be under Megson. But before now the football has always been markedly better, and one can hope that if you get better football, better results will follow. But in the Wigan game and even more in the Blackburn game we weren't getting the football or the result. And that what makes me think we could actually go down.

As much as people make fun of us, call us shit etc. we are actually a quality team, I promise. It shows in certain games (against Tottenham in October, against Arsenal twice in January) we aren't Big Sam's Band of Brutes anymore. Quite honestly, we are a team of too much quality to go down. But if we don't start taking points then we will go down.

Looking at the highlights of the Blackburn game is a thoroughly depressing experience. The truth is Bolton didn't really mount many attacks, and those they did weren't very challenging for Robinson to keep out. Not only that, but the defending was horrid, even Coyle called it "schoolboy", which is absolutely unacceptable. These men are paid hundreds of thousands of pounds to do one thing: play football. I don't even care if it looks pretty anymore, I just want competence.

Ok I don't think I can say anything else without getting myself even angrier about the whole situation. I'll be back tomorrow with a preview of our big midweek match against Tottenham.