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Tottenham v. Bolton, It's Time for Round Two

If you missed out on Round One, why not go do a little research on the subject? And by research I, of course, mean boosting my page views. I'm not above a little shameless self-promotion. Anyway if you're too lazy here's a quick summary: the first half Bolton slapped Tottenham around, then in the second half they rolled over and let Spurs get their revenge. Bolton showed a complete inability to shoot on target, while the midfield stopped playing football after the 60 minute mark. So because of that we earned ourself a little jaunt to White Hart Lane, taking place tomorrow.

Bolton have had a disappointing run of results, with disappointing football to go with it. Tottenham have not been doing their best either recently with a dreary win against Wigan and a loss to Wolves under their belts. Despite this Tottenham are the undisputed favorites to win the trip to Craven Cottage in the quarter-finals of the FA Cup.

I certainly think Bolton have a chance, but they will have to significantly change the way they played on Sunday (and hope that Spurs don't change the way they played). It will of course, be tempting to put in smaller names and rest our stars (and I say that with the loosest interpretation of the word "star"), seeing as we are in the midst of a very real relegation battle, but I hope he doesn't.

This is a team that hasn't gotten a lot of good news recently, having only won twice since Coyle took over. Added to that Cahill, our best defender, is out and has been joined by Steinsson, leaving Coyle rather limited options. This team needs a morale boost, they need belief in themselves and a win against Spurs, who are knocking on the door of Champions League football, would certainly do just that.

While my priority remains with staying as far away form the Championship as possible, I think staying in the FA Cup could really boost our league campaign. So here's hoping I'll have good things to say tomorrow, lord knows we need it.