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Tottenham 4-0 Bolton

Oh dear. Things are not going well in my little area of the internet (AKA the Bolton Offside). We've limped away from the FA Cup with sore bottoms as Tottenham smacked us like naughty children last night. Yes, I realise that simile is completely inappropriate but it's accurate. Not only that but we have added to our own goal tally of the season, bringing it up to 6. Here are some highlights. I suggest watching them in bursts, all 6 minutes and 8 seconds in one go might be too hard to take.

Let's break it down. Now Muamba, being a defensive midfielder, really should be able to tackle. But right before Bassong's shot what does he do? He runs away from Bassong, cringing, and flings his foot close to the ball. He hopes. Pathetic (that's the only word I could think of that wasn't rather offensive).

On Pavlyuchencko's first goal I have several things to bitch about. Zat Knight just lets him run past. I mean he puts his foot out, but then manages to fall over, though I don't know how as he must outweigh Pav by 2 stone and has like a half foot on him. Then he takes Jussi on, and Jussi goes the complete wrong way. Pav's body was in no way set up to strike to Jussi's right, and as the experienced goal keep that he is he has no excuse for this one. I don't know what's been going on with him lately, but he's been making mistakes he never would have before.

Jussi's mistakes didn't end there though, we have come to the first of two own goals in the match. I really still don't understand how it went in, but it definitely hit Jussi's leg. This is a case of lost composure, the ball comes close and he just kind of falls over.

This report is getting more and more difficult to write the deeper I get into highlights. The next goal came from Andy O'Brien. As you may have gathered from the fact that he plays for Bolton and Bolton didn't score, it was an own goal. Bale crossed the ball into Bolton's box, where Andy O'Brien dove to push the ball out of play, but instead of beside the goal and over the line, it went in the goal and over the line. It was unnecessary though, because the ball would've traveled to a waiting Jussi and O'Brien was not directly competing with anyone. Our streak of horrorshow defending continues.

After all of that bitching it must be said, Bolton did do a few things right. Several of the attacks they launched were nice and flowing, notably the one at 4:18 in the highlights, but once again nobody on our team can finish. It's like they all have a vision disorder making things 10x as large, so they shoot way off.

I'm needless to say incredibly disappointed. It's performances like this that really make me think we can go down. I've said "we're too good to go down" but honestly, maybe as a team we're not. We certainly have individuals of a high quality who wouldn't go down, but as a team I'm not so sure. First of all if we hope to stay up, we absolutely must start scoring goals. It's inescapable fact that to win you have to score goals but Bolton appear to have forgotten, having gotten only 1 goal in the last 6 games. You also can't concede like we've been doing. We've let in 10 goals in the last 6 games. Step it up Bolton, or we'll be in the Championship come August.