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News Round Up: FA Cup, New Stu's Health, and Coyle Gets Crafty Over Cahill

Title writing is so much easier when I've consumed obscene amounts of coffee! And that's my way of saying "sorry I know it's obnoxious, I just can't help it." Anyway there's been some news and I'm here to round it up for you. Off we go.

First off we will be inviting Tottenham to the Reebok on Valentines Day for a good, old fashioned, FA Cup match. This fixture is always a bit of a test for me since I also have a little Spurs in me. My family's from Bolton, but my dad grew up in Tottenham, and it was his childhood club. Of course I will be hoping for a Wanderers victory, it's just a little harder. Only a little.

Next a little update on the highly acclaimed (by me at any rate) Stuart Holden. He should start training again on Friday, though at this rate he probably won't be available for Saturday's Fulham fixture. For those of you who have no clue who he is/have never seen him play: shame on you for not reading my blog more often! And go check him out.

Lastly we have some more Coyle quotes (this seems to be a recurring theme). First off, despite many people (including me) thinking that Cahill might've traded up over the transfer window Coyle said:

"I knew he wasn't going anywhere. That was one of the stipulations when I came here."

Note that he did this after the transfer window closed, when t6here was absolutely no chance he would go anywhere. Just an observation.

Also on our frugality this transfer window he said:

"We looked at it but I think we have got a decent enough squad. I'm not into knee-jerk reactions that could jeopardise the future of this club by throwing out silly money."

Good, I'm glad you don't like throwing out silly money Owen, as Bolton don't really have any money to throw out, silly or otherwise.

That's all for now but I'll be back with as little bit of a preview later today (hopefully).