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Photo Album: Newbies at Training

OK so I was just inspired by a post over at the excellent Somewhere From the North. And no, I'm not just saying excellent because I'm on his blog roll, I really do think it's excellent. But the fact that the man's got taste doesn't hurt either. Anyway I was reading an article in which he linked to an article on the official BWFC site. Now considering that the site is crap, I only go there to buy tickets or confirm transfers, but I may just have discovered a goldmine. They have pictures. Lots of them. And I found the cutest picture of all time. Seriously, I squealed when I saw it (I'm guessing your reaction was slightly different Quentin). So I may or may not (depending on if I can ever brave the BWFC site again) start a little feature called Photo Album with pictures of our wonderful players in action. We'll see. Anyway here's this

jack, weiss, holden
That's right ladies and gents, Bolton is too cheap to buy all three of their new players sweatshirts and shirts, so they'll just have to share one shirt between them. I sense an entertaining game of musical shirts, better start working on those six-packs boys. I know, I sound like a predator.

jack, weiss, holden2 Clearly only Stu got the Make-A-Cool-Guy-Face memo. Also is it just me or do Weiss and Wilshere look frighteningly similar from this angle?

jacky and gary
And we crescendo with The Cutest Picture of All Time. England teammate and mentor (ok maybe not mentor, I just couldn't resist) Gary Cahill gives Jack a lift. Aaaaawwww.

And just so we don't all die of cuteness-overload I'm popping in a picture of Coyle to counteract the last one. Too harsh? Sorry Owen, I love you nonetheless.