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Bolton v. Wigan

Ok so I've calmed down a bit since my rant on the Sunderland game. A bit. I still think much of what I said is true, even if it was motivated by a deep fury. This Saturday it's another six-pointer as Wigan make the hop, skip, and a jump to the Reebok. Wigan sit one point behind us in 15th with 28 points, and a 26 goal deficit.

Wigan are bouncing along after a deserved win against Liverpool, and looking good while doing it. They're very dangerous with Rodellega and N'Zogbia both having a mean shot. They're midfield is also quite good, and may make our struggling midfielders look like school boys.

On the brightside, however, number 17, our goal-machine, Ivan Klasnic (thank you Reebok announcer for that little moniker), is back and should probably start seeing as Elmander has thoroughly proved he can do everything except get the ball in the net.

I won't bother with making predictions, as it is completely up to the players. If they bother to show up tomorrow, we could have 3 points (and leap-frog Sunderland, who I really wish we finish above this season). If we pull what we did on Tuesday, then I'm going to be forced to write another long, angry rant, and gain another 5 pounds from ice cream and self pity. So for the sake of my mental health and BMI, please Bolton, please come out to play.