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News Round Up and Apologies

I know I've been neglecting my duty recently, life's been a bit crazy. I am sorry and will try to get my act together, because this weekend's a big one.

First off a quick recap of the Everton game: Bolton played alright in the first half and didn't really get outclassed by a superior team. Our one area of great weakness is the midfield. We absolutely could not win the ball, and all of our attacks were coming up the left side. We also need to begin to play for the full 90 minutes, as right now Bolton only plays for about 60 minutes and then falls back. I think it's partially a confidence thing, which will hopefully come with seeing as we actually are a decent team, but whatever the reason, get to work Owen Coyle!

Something that might bring confidence is the return of our best defender! Cahill played the full 90 minutes for the Bolton reserves on Monday, which is extremely good news, and I can't really say why Coyle wouldn't play him against a currently rampant United. It's true that our defense has gone through it's best form all season while Cahill's been out, but that has to do with the change of manager nor his absence. Now doesn't Robinson-Cahill-Knight-Ricketts sound like a hot back four? I think so, though of course I'm excited for the eventual Ricketts-Cahill-Kinght-Steinsson...

Now I need everyone to keep their fingers crossed that a certain Wayne Rooney will be rested Saturday. It would be completely in my best interests if he was rested: less chance of him making his injury worse from the England point of view, and of course it seems the man can't help but score goals at the moment, so I'd really prefer not seeing him play against my beloved Bolton.