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Bolton v. Manchester United

So here's a little background on my situation when it comes to Manchester United: I have a physics teacher. He is a Manchester United fan. I've known him for 2 years, and he is a very egotistical, proud man. This is all coming from a place of love, he's one of my favorite teachers, but oh my, there is very little that I would like more than to come to school on Monday and rub something in his face. It could be a draw, it could even be just that they conceded, or that they didn't score, I just want something. Shouldn't be too hard right? Well let's consider.

Manchester United are undoubtedly one of the best teams in the league, maybe the best (that is a debate that does not belong on this blog). They have a long history of being really quite good. However there was a time earlier in this decade when they had issues coming to a Reebok. It was not a happy place for them.

While our season on paper has been absolutely woeful, there are signs we've turned a corner. First off, after a roughly 30 game long streak without a clean sheet, we've kept 4 consecutive clean sheets at home. All this without our star defender, who will hopefully feature for us tomorrow. While our midfield can never hope to match United's world-class midfield, we can try to defend hard, and use our speedy little Chung-Yong up the wing to score on the counter.

Unfortunately for us it looks like Rooney will be back afterall. I was quite hopeful he'd sit this one out, as we are just lowly Bolton, and the hearts and hopes of a nation rest on the health of his knee come June. I don't even want to think of the horror and conflict I'd feel if he got injured in this game.

It is definitely going to be a tough match, but if we maintain our tight defense, and take advantage of the few chances we will be gifted (and mark my words, they will be few), then I reckon we could get something out of this. We need to make the Reebok a tough place to come to again, and I can't see a better team to prove that against. Come on you Whites!