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News Round Up

Lee-ChungYong-Bolton-Wanderers-Premier-Leagu_2355049Right, I know I've been bad and already apologized and now I'm doing it again. And I'm afraid I'm going to keep doing it, as I'm going out of town to an internet-free-zone tomorrow and will return late Sunday. I'll do a quick wrap-up of Saturday: we played decently for the first 60 minutes, then stopped playing. Same old story. On to some of our newsier stories.

Coyle has said he wants to keep Chung-Yong. It's unsurprising that the Korean's impressive form this season has got other clubs sniffing around, but I truly hope we can keep him this summer. He won't fetch that much yet, if we keep him another season his value will have hopefully gone up as his quality and experience will have hopefully gone up. Plus he's the superstar of our midfield right now and I'm not ready to part with him.

The FA will not retroactively punish Vidic as Atkinson apparently saw the incident and deemed it fine. Owen Coyle said it was a "terrible challenge" while Fergie responded "What is the old saying about people in glass houses?". My view on the whole matter is that it was pretty bad, whether there was intent or not, Elmander needed 5 stitches in his head. Players shouldn't be handing out sloppy challenges like that at this level.

And lastly Megson has decided to go speak with the press. He's complaining about being on "gardening leave" (could someone please explain that to me?). He says he wants to get back to work and then makes a bit of a jibe about how he kept Bolton up twice and now he's on gardening leave. As I thought so often during his reign: "Shut up Megson"