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West Ham 1-2 Bolton, Two Wins in a Row? What?

Not only was that our first away win since September, it was also the first time we've won twice on the trot in the league since last March. If you missed the game (like me) here's the highlights, with some charming Korean Chinese commentary.

As my father pointed out, we're not playing more "open" football, but we're really playing the good football we played under Megson (exhibit A). At any rate, pundits aside (as they're normally wrong when it comes to matters Bolton), things are really looking up. We may have hit a turning point. Our back four is looking so much better than they have at any point this season, and our best defender is out. When Cahill comes back, Robinson will be sent back to the bench (thank the lord) and we will be hard to score against again. Mark my words.

Our midfield is looking good as well. Though our big star, Matty Taylor, is a shadow of the player he was last season, other players have stepped up. Chung-Yong Lee is simply breath-taking, exhibiting that tricky, speedy, practically unstoppable football that has him so famous back in Korea. We've also gained some great players, looking at you Jacky Wilshere (and Holdenballs, but you're out), and have really started to get some flow to our football.

The future, my friends, is bright at the Reebok. After some very depressing months (thank you Mr. Megson) we're starting to look like the team I expect us to be. We're no Aston Villa or Tottenham, but we're rather good aren't we? See you tomorrow, Sunderland. Bring. It. On.