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News Round Up & Mini Villa Preview

As you may have read yesterday, I'm leaving town this afternoon to an internet-free-zone, returning Sunday. I know I haven't been posting here that much recently, but if you miss me, I've been going a bit mad over at England World Cup Blog, there should be enough there to tide you over. Onto some news.

I thought about doing an April Fool's joke, but decided against it as I'm quite gullible (I've already been fooled 3 times today and I've only been awake 3 hours), but I will link you over to this brilliant bit by Burnden Aces. They had me going for a while there until I realised it was the only story on News Now about it and that it was April 1st. Hats off to you, as always, Burnden Aces.

Elmander will be fit for Saturday's clash against Aston Villa. I wasn't overly worried, but the man did need 6 stitches in his head. I still think Vidic should've been punished, but oh well.

Our last bit of news is that the new home kit will be unveiled on Saturday. Let's hope for a shirt that was NOT inspired by a barcode this time. Seriously, it was one of the stupidest looking shirts in the league this year. I was embarrassed.

Right onto our mini-preview. Things have gone downhill for Villa since we last met them. If you'll recall, they beat us 5-1 but I didn't watch the game or do a post about it, because I had literally flown into England that day and was far too tired to face such emotional strain. Suffice it to say things did not go well. But things didn't go as badly as they went for Villa this past Saturday. Right now Villa sit in 7th, which is 7 points away from the 4th place they want to be in. I'm sure they'll see this as a chance to get some of those points, but I'm thinking it might not happen.

They will be traveling to the Reebok, which until Manchester United ruined things, was becoming difficult to go to again. We will have the best back four (in my humble opion) available in the form of Ricketts-Cahill-Knight-Steinsson. Doesn't that sounds lovely? We will also have our choice of strikers. Not to mention the turmoil that may be going down with Villa. Things could turn out well from a Wandering perspective.

Right that's all for me until I return. Have a great Easter everyone, come on you Whites!