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Rumour Mill: Signings

So far the summer hasn't held much excitement for Bolton fans. Well, let's be honest, Bolton doesn't bring much excitement to anyone. At any rate, hopefully things will get a little more interesting, as St. Owen will have the chance to sculpt the team and make it his. Let's have a little rundown of what's been flying around.

Jacky Wilshere Coyle has expressed his desire to keep Young Jack, and I reckon it is in Wenger's interest not to call him back. In his appearances for Bolton, he's proved that while talented, he's still immature. Wilshere needs to figure out how to not be neutralized (because just about every defense in the Prem managed it) before he has a place at a club like Arsenal.

Aruna Dindane This has been a bit will he won't he but I reckon it could still happen. He was on loan from Lens to Portsmouth, but they have made it clear that they are ready to offload him. He scored 10 goals in 24 appearances, not too shabby, it would be interesting to see what he could do for us.

Ivan Klasnic The Croat (I just love saying Croat) certainly impressed during his time with the Wanderers. Nantes are in a bit of a fiscal pickle (aren't we all) and can't afford poor Ivan, so, with both side pretty much in consensus, he looks a safe bet for the Wanderers next season.

Rodrigo Moreno and Marcos Alonso The main papers have been quite quiet about this one, which makes me a little dubious, but apparently Gartside (do you know how much self control it requires not to call him "Fartside" every time? a lot) made a trip over to Madrid to discuss buy the two young'uns. I don't know much else about either of them except that they're both pretty cute and Spanish. Neither of those characteristics apply to Bolton's squad really, so this would be branching out.

David Nugent This is another mostly uncorroborated rumour, and one I'm not so sure how I feel about. Coyle's had him before over at Burnley, and is apparently considering him again. While he can score goals, he is a bit of a problem child (please notice, there are two links there). I doubt he'd enjoy the Championship, and the previous connection with Coyle makes this move a little credible, but it was only printed in the Mirror, so we'll see what happens.

Stick around, if I manage to post again within the next century, I'll be doing a post on those possibly on their way out.