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Rumour Mill: Exits

Best be packing one of these...

Best be packing one of these...

A couple days ago, we explored those on their way in (or back as the case may be). Now it's time to explore the other direction of that revolving door that is a football club. I'll only be mentioning those who have been written about recently, but of course, you will all remember the rumour flying about a while ago. The one about Coyle's clear-out? Just as a refresher it was guessed that the seven players Coyle wanted to offload this summer were: Ricardo Gardner, Jlloyd Samuel, Andy O'Brien, Gavin McCann, Danny Shittu, Nicky Hunt and Ricardo Vaz Te. Some of those players do show up below, and I will keep you up to date if the others begin to leave. Onto the stories of varying credibility!

Ricardo Vaz Te It must be said, Ricardo hasn't made much of an impact on the Reebok. He's been injured and out on loan, but in 58 appearances (over 7 years), he only scored 3 goals. And he's a striker. Even Elmander has better stats than that. He was released earlier this month by Bolton, but he's not angry. No no no, it's just been very "frustrating" (mentioned twice), and he just needs to go somewhere he's "appreciated". but he doesn't hold anything against Bolton for frustrating him, and not appreciating him for 7 years. Why would you say that?

Gavin McCann Dear Lord, please let this rumour be true! Supposedly, Championship-bound Burnley are after the midfielder with the most frightening balding pattern of all time. I'd be so pleased to see him gone, because that would mean Coyle would never even be in the least bit tempted. Though I do think he played a part in Megson's downfall, other than that, the most useful thing he's done for us this season is get himself injured.

Gary Cahill Word that Gary Cahill would be making the quick hop over to Merseyside have been around for a while, but now apparently Arsenal's getting in the mix as well. I can't say I'm terribly surprised, Cahill has been nothing but quality in a season full of mediocrity. If he doesn't move on in this transfer window, I'm sure he will come winter, the fact is that he's too good to stay at Bolton. He might as well earn us a pretty penny while he's at it. I must admit, Cahill was one of the things Megson did right. I do wish Gary the best of luck wherever he ends up come August.

Those are the most prevalent (though not necessarily the most credible) rumours at the moment. I plan to keep updating you on transfer happenings throughout the summer. I will also be doing a season wrap-up, and possibly a bit on Bolton's history. My main focus will be over at England WCB until after the World Cup however, so if you ever miss me, just pop over there.