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Premiership Fixtures 2010-2011: They're Here

Now I'm not one for doom-mongering before the season's even began (unlike Ethan), but really Premier League? While we're not facing Chelsea in the opening day, we do have our fair share of difficult runs. Before we get any further into our discussion, here's a link to a full list of Bolton's fixtures. Have a looky.

We, luckily enough, have a bit of a cushion at the beginning of the season, facing Fulham (H), West Ham (A), and Birmingham (H), before we get to our rough patch. I reckon we can rack up a comfortable 5 points from that. Then we face Arsenal (A), Aston Villa (A), and Manchester United (H). Those will be the first real tests for Coyle. He's been with Bolton long enough, and has had a transfer period, so the team should be much more his than Megson's for the first time.

I don't want to speculate much further into the season, as it just seems silly. As always, the difficult games tend to come in clumps and we (once again) will be facing chelsea twice in the span of a month. I must say (though I always say this), I'm quite optimistic about this coming season. I have faith in Saint Owen, and in the quality of our team. Coyle has us playing positive, and, in patches, quite lovely football. Get ready Trotters, this could be our season.