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Welcome to Bolton, Petrov and Blake

blake_280x390_627820amartin-petrovIn a wonderful display of frugality (well, we all know how our record transfer worked out, don't we?), Owen Coyle has signed Martin Petrov and Robbie Blake on frees. Coyle is quite clearly as pleased with himself as I am with him, and was just bubbling over with marginally creepy praise for both players.

On Petrov:

"He's someone I've admired for a long time because he's a top-class player and this is a tremendous signing for the club... He has played in a Manchester City side... over the last few years so that tells you the level that he's played at... Plus, he's got a tremendous pedigree having played at major European clubs... He can play on the left, play on the right and behind the main striker, so he has different dimensions to his play. He's an exciting player, a creator of goals and he's also a scorer of goals and he's a tremendous all-round player."

And I cut some of that out. I have a sneaking suspicion Coyle's a wee bit excited about Petrov. Call it woman's intuition.

On Blake:

"He is a bubbly character who will be a great lad to have in the dressing room... I worked with him for two fantastic years and I am pleased to link up with him again, because I know a number of clubs were interested in securing his signature."

Oooh poor Blake. He didn't get a "tremendous all-round player", he'll have to make do with "bubbly character" and "great lad". It's alright Robbie, I'm sure he loves you too.

At any rate, Blake's stats last season were not overly impressive, 2 goals in 31 league appearances, especially as he's supposed to be a striker. One of those goals was quite memorable, on opening day against Manchester United, giving Burnley their first 3 points against the reigning champions. Or you may just remember him for this. Impressive shuffling, really.

Petrov's season was repeatedly put on hold due to injuries, he only managed 20 appearances, yielding 5 goals in those. Both of these signings were shots at making our team more attacking, which I am, of course, completely in favour of, but it remains to be seen if these players can actually impress.

Bolton's Net Spending This Summer: ₤0