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Video Time: Crossbar Challenge.

First off, I want to apologise and make excuses for my absence. I've been having major troubles with my home internet, and being technology incapable, couldn't really fix it. Sorry! Onto the blog post.
Alright, so this is actually quite old, but it struck me I never shared it with you lot. I'm actually quite proud of my Bolton Boys (this does not happen a lot), we managed it twice. A lot of teams can't even do it once (that's what she said). Who knew Paul Robinson could actually hit a football? I sure didn't. Chung-Yong makes up for his pathetic attempt by being the cutest ever. Seriously, he was featured on Kickette (he's the one with voluminous fluffy hair), the first Bolton player I've ever seen on there. And did you notice that bit of cheek by Vladimir Weiss?
Anyway, congrats to my dearest Jussi, and my much maligned Robinson!