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Steinsson: Everything's Great!

Gretar-Steinsson-001I am writing this post solely to save you from reading the inanity that is the Wanderers Website. Seriously, i think some of my brain cells committed suicide after that ordeal. Anyway, the story goes that Steinsson went back to training, and then the BWFC website conducted the most boring interview of all time. I am pleased about his return to full health after his knee surgery, as I quite like dear Gretar.

There are rumours about Steinsson leaving us for the greener pastures of the MLS (let's face it, most everywhere is greener than Bolton), which were probably sparked by this quote:

"If you were to end up playing here later on in your career then you couldn't complain as it has got everything that you could possibly need."

While America may look nice, and I'm sure his wife (a former Miss Iceland y'know), would enjoy the sun every once and a while, the man's only 28. I reckon he still has at least a couple of good years with the club. He himself said:

"I hope I can play for a long time with Bolton - I love playing for this team and I get great support from the fans."

Summary of both this post, and BWFC website's article: Everything's just skippy in Gretar's world.