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News Round Up: American Tour Edition!

I don't really have the time to write a legitimate post, besides the fact that there's nothing going on in the Bolton World (no, we haven't banned vuvuzelas). So here's a quick guide To what's going on, but doesn't deserve a post on it's own.

Bolton's American Tour wraps up tomorrow against MLS side Toronto FC. I only know 2 things about Toronto: they're in Canada and they're in the MLS. For more info, follow the link above to Toronto Offside.

Continuing on that theme, if you've been wondering where Stuart Holden is, you clearly haven't been following him on Twitter. Or been reading the Bolton website (wise choice). He met up with the team in Toronto today, after taking a post-World Cup break. Coyle did give him to option to come back to the team when they return to England, which is what Chung-Yong Lee (or "Chungy" as Holden calls him) and Danny Shittu are doing, but he came back early. Bless.

In that article Holden called the Toronto atmosphere the second best in the MLS (behind Seattle), if you're like me, you may be worried about the Bolton contingent of support. And by that I mean that there might not be one. but there will be about 600 Bolton fans at the game, which is not bad at all considering there were 50 at the Charleston match. They will be traveling from Bolton, Canada which has a club that has been affiliated with our Bolton for the past 32 years (there is a link to the Bolton website there, but for once it's worth reading). Our academy has a link with their youths teams, and they've even named a section of their clubhouse Burnden Hall. Which is really sweet. If per chance, any of you Canadian Bolton fans are reading this, please get in touch with me, I would love to write a full story on it!