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News Round Up: Summer Stories

I will not be doing a report on Bolton's implosion against Oldham Athletic. I did not watch the match, and I don't have the drive or desire to find highlights. It does sound as though the result was really quite fair, and that Bolton played horribly. Our preseason up until now had been quite encouraging, but it's the old Jekyll and Hyde story again. This better have been a wake up call, as losing 3-0 to a team that finished 16th in League One last year is certainly not going to be good enough this season.

Moving right along, Owen Coyle, being the tease that he is, has hinted at more signings. Take it away Owen:

"It's easy to say there will be two or three new signings, but what I can say is that I'll look to add a couple more before the end of the month. You can never say definitively that it will happen, because, as you saw with the Marcos Alonso deal, it can be quite complex. We'll do our utmost to improve the squad by the start of the season and if not, certainly the close of the window."

I think if we're really serious about signing new players, we are going to have to do a bit of clearing out first. Bolton have been operating mostly on frees and loans this summer, but if we expect to spend more, I reckon we'll have to make some first. Nicky Hunt, who we haven't heard about in ages, looks set to go to Bristol City, while as I expected, Jlloyd is talking about his own exit.

And lastly, our very own Chung-Yong Lee (my favourite Asian of all time) has been nominated for the extremely prestigious (according to that is) North West Player of the Year award. Pop on over and give him a vote, because how fabulous would it be to see him beat Tevez and Rooney? Pretty dang fabulous, as we say hear in Texas (no one says that).

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