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Glory For Cahill?

cahillAs you will know if you read my other blog England WCB (or if you take residence in some place other than under a rock), England did not do well this World Cup. And that's putting it very lightly, but I'm still too emotional about the whole affair to put it any other way. Moving on, one thing that was made quite clear was the fact that England is full of aging stars who can't play together. Fabio Capello, who is staying, will have to do a significant amount of rebuilding.

And who's standing there in the wings, ready to pounce on this opportunity? Bolton's Gary Cahill, that's who. He attracted a lot of attention in the first half of last season, being a rare bright spot in a depressing Bolton side. An unfortunate blood condition marred his season, but he came back, and looked quite good at the end of the season. This is in addition to the fact that both of England's sure-fire starting central defenders will be over 30 by the end of this year. While poor Rio Ferdinand was injured no one who took his place (Carragher and Upson) impressed.

Owen Coyle, who is no fool, has looked at all these facts, and backed Cahill as international quality. In Coyle's eyes Cahill has "got pace, he has got a goal threat - he has got everything." Well us Bolton fans have been murmuring about this since the beginning of the season, though we've also been murmuring about how Bolton Boys never get picked. All mildly paranoid trend watching aside, I genuinely believe that Cahill has got what it takes, and I hope he gets a look in at Euro 2012. He's only 24, and would definitely represent a fresh face in an England team desparatel;y in need of just that.