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Bolton 0-0 Fulham: Well That Wasn't Too Bad

martin petrovWe may not have started the season with a bang, but it wasn't a whimper either. While it ended a goalless draw, there were a lot of positive to take from the match, one of them going by the name of Martin Petrov. The more I think about it, the more getting him on a free is a total coup. Good job on that one Coyle. Despite the fears of the media over how poor little Bolton would do without their pint-sized star, our midfield actually looked quite good. While, as always, deadliness in the final third was lacking, this was not a bad performance overall. Before we go any farther, have a looky at the highlights.

Those are from Match of the Day (via MySpace) which usually isn't very pro-Bolton, so the abundance of Bolton play certainly can't be attributed to bias. I do think we had the better of the game, and perhaps deserved to just edge it, but Fulham are a good team and one point isn't a bad haul. The one big negative point I have to take form the game is Paul Robinson. He simply isn't good enough for the Premiership and is a liability in our starting XI. The purchase of Marcos Alonso does go a little way to helping this, but we also can't expect a 19 year old with next to no top experience to jump into a 1st division side, even Bolton. I don't have much else to say, I couldn't watch the game because my cable kept cutting out (as you would've heard if you followed me on Twitter).

One down, thirty seven to go.