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News Round Up: Things Aren't Happening

matt taylorWell, some things are happening, but they aren't very interesting. Actually, they're just mostly angry-making. Then again, with my volatile temper, most things are angry-making (you can't tell whether I'm being sarcastic or not. ha). It is at this point in News Round Up when I always wish it had a theme song. If you have any suggestions, do let me know. Anyway, news:

It came out this morning that West Ham are interested in Matty Taylor. I have a feeling that a lot of Wanderers wouldn't mind him going, but I disagree. He may have been pretty crap last season, but he was sick for most of it. He's a good player, and I think given game time he can find his form again. Now, it is true that we have just got a new left winger, in the form of Martin Petrov, but the man's more delicate than a china set. We definitely need to keep players in that position.

Now this is the bit that made me really angry. Gary Megson went on the BBC, surprisingly enough not on Gardener's Question Time, but on 5Live for a program about managers who no one likes (I think). Anyway, I didn't listen, as I hate the sound of his voice, but I did read quotes from the interview. Megson is angry at us. No joke. While I will agree that he was given a hard time by the fans, he gave us quite a hard time as well. Generally people don't respond well when you call them "pathetic". Actions and consequences, Gary. He also pointed out that we're scoring 50% fewer goals than we were under him (a statistic I have not confirmed), but failed to mention the fact that we're not shipping 3 goals a game anymore. I challenge Megson to find anyone (excepting immediate family members) that would say the club was better off under him. And he calls us "dense".

Finally, a couple freeview interviews with the players have been opened up over on the official site. Neither of them really give us much insight, but I personally enjoy watching the players talk. It's interesting to see them off the pitch. Gary Cahill told us that he's aiming to score goals, and Stu Holden looks cute in a suit. Yes, that is what I gathered from the interview. Top journalistic investigator, me.

I'll have a preview of the West Ham game up tomorrow. I won't be doing a liveblog, mostly because I don't think anyone will come, but I will be watching the game, and tweeting my hilarious* observations. Follow here.

*I can't promise any hilarity.