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News Round Up: Friendlies, Scotland, and Croats

Today our number 17, goal machine, Ivan Klasnic (thanks to the Reebok announcer for that particular epithet) has terminated his contract with Nantes. This, of course, leaves him free to sign with the mighty Wanderers, for real this time. One of the stumbling blocks in negotiations with the club for another loan was Klasnic's wages (£60,000 a week), but as long as the striker is willing to take a step down, he will almost certainly be a Trotter this season. And really, as a 30 year old, not particularly distinguished, striker, he should.

Unfortunately, I'm quite positive that Little Jacky will not be returning to the Reebok. Wenger said as much in a post-match press conference. Let's take a second to relive the fun he had here. Gary is going to miss him! Best of luck to Wilshere, he's got a lot of potential and I hope he gets the chance to show it!

Now that I've wiped the tears from my eyes we can move on. Our dear Kevin Davies has just told the Bolton News that he was approached by Scotland to see if he'd like to play for their senior team. Super Kev does not have any senior caps for England (travesty) and if he had the appropriate Scottish blood (which I don't think he does) he would be eligible. At any rate, he didn't much fancy it: “As far as I’m concerned I’m English, so I didn’t really take it on.” It must have been nice to have been offered though. Like when you get invited to a party you don't really want to go to, but you like the option.

Speaking of Scotland, Bolton's first friendly up in the barbarian lands ended 0-0 against Falkirk. It sounds as though it was thoroughly uninspiring. Awesome. Bolton's second and friendly in Scotland is right now against St. Johnstone. Team news can be found here. I may try to find a stream later, but my internet's so horrible it's probably not worth it.

Lastly, all of (well most of) the kits you'll be seeing in the Prem this season. There's a bit of a vintage feel to a lot of them, no?

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