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Klasnic Is Coming Back!

ivanklasnicSo I wake up this morning at 7:30 AM (I had a doctor's appointment), and the first thing I did was check NewsNow for the latest Bolton rumours (that's normal right?). I saw this story, and my heart fell. After all it makes sense. Klasnic may have wanted to return to the country of his birth (although he's Croatian, he was born in Hamburg), the place where he spent the highlights of his career (Werder Bremen). Thankfully about 2 hours later, it came out that we have officially secured our Croat goal machine for the next 2 years.

Everybody involved should be quite pleased about this (excluding Hannover). Nantes offloaded a huge suck on their payroll, Klasnic gained some credibility with the fans, and Bolton secured arguably our most effective striker of last season. As fantastic as Super Kev is, he and Elmander simply could not score enough goals this season by themselves, and Klasnic is a huge boost to the squad. It will be interesting to see how much game time he actually gets, considering we have two other striker and Coyle is now playing Martin Petrov as a sort of second striker (which you would have known already if you followed me on Twitter). I'd also be interested to see what wages he settled for, as that seemed to be the biggest stumbling block in negotiations. That's all I have on him for now, other than reminding you that in his youth, Klasnic's nickname was Killer. Lest we forget.