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Wheater Almost a Wanderer

David_Wheater_625364After an excellent round of will-he-won't-he, it appears that Middlesbrough and Bolton have finally agreed on the details, and now the contract is just waiting on personal terms. If you've been under a rock this transfer window, the player in question in David Wheater, a 6'5" central defender and dancing queen. While Mowbray was originally asking £3m, it's reported that the final price was £2.3m. Bolton did have leverage in the deal as Boro want to offload him now because his contract runs out this summer, and he would walk away for nothing.

This is going to be an interesting signing to watch play out. Wheater is highly rated at Boro, and he even made some England squads in 2008, but shining in the Championship does not always translate to doing well in the Premiership. There is also the question of whether this transfer seals Gary Cahill's exit. I'd be surprised if any club met the asking price of £20m, but Bolton may lower their expectations and the end of the window approaches. Even if Cahill does stay, it certainly will not do our defense any harm to have a little competition.

I leave you with this. Let us all hope his football is better than his dancing.