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Ask the Twits: Bolton 0-0 Wigan

I was unable to watch the match today as there were no streams, I heard there weren't even any cameras at the Reebok. Which really, is probably good for my mental health. At any rate, instead of me writing a report based solely on other reports, Mark had the idea of collecting reactions from Bolton fans on Twitter. So here we are in the first installment of Ask the Twits. If you want to read a match report, I can suggest the BBC's, or Burnden Aces'. These are going chronologically.


As you can see, the consensus is not good. We will now have to attend a replay at the DW and our string of draws against Wigan will have to end one way or another. January has not been a good month for the Wanderers, here's hoping February is better!
If you're on Twitter, do give the Bolton Offside a follow.