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Road(s) to Recovery

Hands up if you're excited about coming back from injury!
Hands up if you're excited about coming back from injury!

The term "injury crisis" was coined to described the Bolton Wanderers. This is a true fact.* Stuart Holden is the most high profile of our boys on the sideline for obvious reasons, but he is joined by Chung-Yong Lee, Tyrone Mears, Sam Ricketts, Jussi Jaaskelainen, Marcos Alonso, and Sean Davis (who's been on the injury table so long he has his mail redirected there). This extensive list is surely partially to blame for the horrendous start, but fret not dear ones, as I'm here to bring good tidings.

*It's not

Jussi Jaaskelainen

Despite having been the recipient of a lot of criticism this season, Bogdan showed that Jussi really is our best option at the moment between the sticks (keep an eye out for a lengthier review of the keeper situation by Mark). A thigh strain kept Jussi off the bench against Chelsea, but in an interview given to the Bolton News today, Coyle revealed that the Finn returned to training this week and would be given "every chance of playing against Wigan." I can hear your sighs of relief from here. 

Marcos Alonso

The good news continues in the form of Marcos Alonso's foot. Yesterday he tweeted a picture of his x-ray. I'm no doctor, but it looks good to me. He also published an update on his official website in which he said "hopefully I will be back in full training with the squad in one to two weeks." This is really excellent news as our left side has been incredibly vulnerable between Robinson's dubious tracking ability and Petrov's lack of tracking back to help. Today he tweeted another thing we like to see: dirty boots.

Lee Chung-Yong

Second to Stu, we've missed Chungy's creative spark the most this season. Also like our Yank, his injury is unfortunately more long term, and he isn't expected back until January. Today, this video surfaced of him rehabbing like a champion. It is honestly a bit boring, but I have watched all 4 and a half minutes so you don't have to. In it he does encouraging things like stand on one foot unaided whilst kicking a football with the other foot, running on the anti-gravity treadmill (something Stu Holden introduced us to), and bicycling. He still probably has a lot strengthening and muscle memory rebuilding to do, but it's good to see him doing this much.