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Road(s) to Recovery: Bolton Wanderers Injury Update-UPDATED

Injuries. This is a subject that is near if not exactly dear to our hearts here at Lion of Vienna Suite. In fact the other day we were described as "an injury blog with occasional Bolton Wanderers news" by our friend Keith on the Twitters, which really describes both the writers and the team in general. But before I go off on a soliloquy on the fragility of the human body, let's talk about what you really care about: Chungilicious.

Lee Chung-Yong

Ok, this isn't really news, I just wanted to use a cute picture of Chungy on a bike. Can you blame me? No. You can't. Anyway, things are going much the same with our Korean sweetheart, he has returned to Bolton to continue the rehab he started in South Korea. He's apparently doing very well and is optimistically due to return to action in February. We desperately miss his creative football and ability to make things happen, so February can't come soon enough.



Marcos Alonso

This more closely resembles news, although that is not a new photo. Two days ago, Marcos Alonso not only started and completed 70 minutes in a reserves, but has presumably come off unscathed. Unfortunately it was a behind-closed-doors match, so we have no idea how he looked, but it is a positive step in his recovery. 



Stuart Holden

This is also not a new photo, but I wasn't a huge fan of the photo Stu tweeted yesterday so I'm using this one instead (found on the Tumblr by my indispensable coblogger). Stu's currently in Houston visiting home, but is continuing his rehab work there. No news, but good to see him chugging away (again). 

Dedryck Boyata

I don't have a cute photo to accompany this one. Sincerest apologies. Anyway, Boyata is a "major doubt" for Saturday according to Owen Coyle. He picked up an ankle knock against Sunderland, but this wasn't an issue against Arsenal as he was ineligible for that game anyway. As much as it saddens me to say this, the thought of Gretar Steinsson at right back for another match is terrifying and I really hope that Coyle is just airing on the side of caution.

UPDATE: This afternoon the club broke the news that what initially sounded like an innocuous ankle knock for Boyata is actually a ligament injury that has him out for 6 weeks. This means that out of the FOUR (4) right backs at the club, 3 are out injured. Welcome to the Wanderers.



Sam Ricketts

Speaking of rightbacks, our Welsh heartthrob has barely been mentioned this season, and now we now why. He's clearly been hard at work rehabbing so that he could participate in the darts fund raiser at the Bok yesterday night. In the photo L-R: Sam Ricketts, Owen Coyle, Phil 'The Power' Taylor (darts 'legend'), Sandy Stewart (assistant manager), and Tony Kelly (assistant youth team coach, fans liaison, everyone's favourite Twitterer

This is not an exhaustive list of all of our injured players, because let's be honest, I don't have the time to write an encyclopedia...