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Monday Set Pieces

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Another week following a Bolton loss and we're all trying to look on the bright side. Out from the ashes of the fans unhappiness after Swansea came the resounding shouts of "Bolton 'Til I Die" and that the fans are still largely behind Owen Coyle with confidence that this team can turn it around. Off the pitch, there's plenty of things happening in the world of Bolton Wanderers.

The El Hadji Diouf Saga Ends... For Three Months

Turns out that Dioufy hasn't signed for Bolton Lite like everyone expected. Instead, he's gone to League Championship outfit Doncaster Rovers for three months!

Burnden Leisure, Bolton Wanderers' Parent Company, Releases Their Financial Report (PDF file)

The Trotters lost a total of £26.05 million last year. This figure though is down from the previous year's loss of £35.4 million. However, Bolton are reportedly due to get a smaller share of TV profits next season, down to 4% from 5%. This is something to keep an eye on.

The Last Thing That Owen Coyle Told Bibi at Halftime? "Keep Your Head."

Look how well that turned out as just minutes later, Ricardo Gardner earned his second yellow card and was given his marching orders. "The last two things I said to Ricardo on the way out at the start of the second half was, one, don't take any chances and move the ball quickly and, two, don't be giving away fouls."

The Nat Lofthouse Exhibit Is Going Online

The tribute to the Lion of Vienna was a massive success as more than 30,000 people went and saw it since it opened in July. Now that the exhibit has closed, the Bolton Council will put it online with digitized versions of photos and 360 degree panoramas. Nat Lofthouse: A Celebration is the Bolton Museum's second most popular exhibit ever. The first was in tribute of Burnden Park when the Whites made the Reebok their home.

Quentin Calls for a More Experienced Coaching Staff

Our good friend, Mr. X, suggests having assistants around Owen Coyle who have been around the game longer than the current crop could do Bolton some good. Doesn't sound terrible, actually.