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From the Club to You: Free Travel to West Brom

The charming locals at the Hawthorns
The charming locals at the Hawthorns

Going to Birmingham is not an attractive prospect at the best of times. Add into that an out of form Bolton, and the club must surely be worried that away support will be lacking. To combat that, they've made club travel to the Hawthorns free. This is similar to the Swansea deal except for 2 important differences: first It seems that this time you don't need any previous ticket stub to qualify, and second that tickets themselves are only £15 for adults, as opposed to the £35 at Swansea. 

As much as the on pitch performances have been undesirable, the club seems to have really been improving it's interactions with the fans, especially on Twitter. This is the second time the club has offered free travel to an away match. They've run numerous competitions on Twitter, with prizes ranging from a case of Lucozade to a matchday with the Wanderers media team. They also have had several Q&A sessions, one with Lee Chung-Yong and one with Gretar Steinsson, where fans could tweet in questions. 

These are, of course, baby steps, but it's good to see the club making an effort to connect with fans, especially given the quality of the results so far this season.