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Lainton to Go Out on Loan?



We generally try not to report on rumours too much, as it's usually a waste of both our time and yours, but we will make certain exceptions.Yesterday Rob Lainton's agent gave an interview to saying "We are now looking at the options and expect a loan deal to happen shortly." Every single Bolton fan should be in support of this, as it may be the answer to our goalkeeping worries.

It doesn't take an obsessive (like myself) to see that unless something changes, in the form of signing a goalkeeper, there are some nervy seasons ahead. Simply put, Jussi Jaaskelainen is aging and Adam Bogdan is unconvincing. Rob Lainton on the other hand, is somewhat of an unknown. He has yet to make an appearance for the first side in the regular season, although he was listed in the squad once.

While he is playing regular football in the form of the reserves, first team football would provide him with higher competition and increased confidence, something that is perhaps more important for a goalkeeper than any other position. Lainton is only 22, which is practically an infant in goalkeeper years, and it seems unfair to have him wasting away in the reserves when he could be getting more competitive experience under his belt.

Now obviously, if the only clubs that are interested happen to be in League One, it may not be worth it, but on the whole I am very supportive of this potential move, and given the fact that his agent put out those quotes, it seems plausible. Moving away from his home club would not only give him the chance to prove himself to Coyle, but also to himself.