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Is Obadeyi the new Vaz Te?

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When is the last time that Bolton Wanderers had a good, young talent capable of scoring goals at free will that wasn't a loan signing from another club? The promise of a striker on Bolton's books that has the ability to become something special is something that has eluded the Trotters for years. That promise was there with Ricardo Vaz Te who turned out to be nothing more than a flicker before ever being able to shine. More recently, there is Bolton youngster Temitope Obadeyi who just went on loan to Chesterfield before ever making a dent in Bolton's starting eleven which begs us to ask: is Tope Obadeyi the new Ricardo Vaz Te?

The two players have much more in common than just having played for the mighty Bolton Wanderers. Both are bigger players at over 6 feet tall and both have scored next to no goals in their time at t'Reebok. Ricardo Vaz Te made 64 appearances between 2 clubs (Bolton and Hull City) and put 3 balls into the back of the net. Tope Obadeyi made 35 appearances for 5 clubs (Bolton, Swindon Town, Rochdale, Shrewbury Town, and Chesterfield) and also scored 3 times. 

Vaz Te managed a grand total of 0.047 goals per appearance while Obadeyi has done only slightly better at 0.086 goals per appearance. To put this into comparison, Bolton's current crop of forwards has done quite a bit better in their time at the Trotters getting points on the board with Kevin Davies getting a goal every 0.216 times he's on the field, Ivan Klasnic at 0.293 goals per appearance, and even David Ngog at 0.143 goals per appearance despite the fact that his 7 appearances provide a pretty small sample size.

Does Tope Obadeyi have a future at Bolton Wanderers? His contract is up at the end of the season and he has to do a lot to impress, something that Vaz Te never did.