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Roads to Recovery: The List Grows Longer-UPDATED

Injuries: the cool thing to do
Injuries: the cool thing to do

Since we're doing these so much, I really wish we had come up with a cuter name for them. If you have any ideas, please feel free to contribute them in the comment section! Anyway today we are back with what we do best, telling you about our poor broken players. And I'm afraid this post will be heavy on the bad news. As opposed to most injury posts. 

Rob Lainton

Our baby keeper featured on the blog just a few days ago, with exciting prospects for his future, but those may have been undermined as he announced yesterday that he was once again out for a few weeks with a quadricep injury and that a scan would give more deatils. He just recovered from the injury a little over a week ago, but apparently re-strained it as he was subbed off in the 62nd minute for the reserves on Wednesday. This shouldn't be a major set back, but it is definitely an annoyance as Lainton seeks to continue developing. 

Ricardo Gardner

The bad news rolls on as it was announced by Marc Iles that Gardner is "out for a couple weeks" with an unidentified injury. Bibi had been experiencing something of a renaissance as Coyle struggled to figure out his best fullbacks, although that was marred by his silly red card against Swansea. While the nature and severity of the injury have yet to be announced, if it's anything serious that would be bad news indeed as, at 33, Ricardo Gardner is no spring chicken. 

Marcos Alonso

And because I couldn't leave you in the depths of depression, I have some good news for you. Marcos Alonso continues his recovery work and made it through 90 minutes for the reserves on Wednesday. We're losing one left back in Bibi, but will hopefully be gaining one back this round or the next. 

Send your healing vibes to all of our (many) players currently on the treatment table.

Samuel Ricketts

I am a terrible person and forgot to update you on the status of everyone's (read: my) favourite Welsh heartthrob Sam Ricketts. He's been making a lot of progress with his rehab, and although I teased him in the last injury update, clearly he's been making progress as today is his first training session back with the reserves. Big congratulations to him.

Josh Vela

The youngster has fractured his ankle and will be out for about three months. Best of luck to the youngster who has shown a lot of promise so far.