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Bolton 0-2 Everton

This feeling
This feeling

Cards on the table, I only saw half of this match, and I really wish I hadn't seen that much. The club is undeniably sinking further into crisis, and while I don't want to panic or call for Coyle's head, it's getting more and more difficult to resist. The most frustrating part of the whole affair is that we've seen that this team does, in fact, know how to play football. They've done it several times this season, notably against Stoke and QPR. But these performances, proper performances, have been few and far between. This weekend was yet another disappointing one.

It sounds like the match started fairly evenly, but the balance was to shift when in the 20th minute David Wheater was shown a straight red. As I said, I missed the first half and haven't been able to find highlights, so I can't really comment on this, but most Bolton fans I've seen have been calling it harsh, while the BBC said the ref had "no option but to show the red card". Thw Whites managed to stay into the game until halftime, but as inevitably happens these day, the second half would prove much worse than the first. 

I'm not privy to what Coyle says to his men in white in the locker room, but whatever it is, he needs to change it. Immediately. From the start of the second half, Bolton always looked like conceding. Jussi Jaaskelainen should consider himself lucky that there weren't more goals, as many shots were sent straight to him. It must be said that in the midst of a dire performance, Gary Cahill took on the hero role several times, making excellent clearances. 

Just 3 minutes after the restart Marouane Fellaini put his Blues ahead by poking in a Leighton Baines cross. The goal felt inevitable, as did the following dominance from the visitors. In the 78th minute Apostolos Vellios sealed the victory. You could see droves of Wanderers leaving the stadium. 

I won't lie, I am fairly disillusioned with football right now. Something is deeply wrong with this team, but no one seems to know what. Simply firing Coyle won't fix it, especially as there is no viable candidate to replace him. Something has got to give, and soon, or the 10 years in the Premiership will be the end of this particular run.