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The Best of the Worst from Bolton's New Catalogue

Coyle is as curious as us
Coyle is as curious as us

That's right, Bolton Wanderers new merchandise catalogue is out and while our players (sadly) aren't wearing any lederhosen, there are a few good moments (read: awkward) moments in this year's club offerings. We've picked a few highlights so hit the jump to check them out.


We can't help but feel that the club missed a glorious opportunity to introduce BWFC snuggies with Sean Davies modeling it ever so comfortably on his hospital bed. "Blankes are OK but they can slip and slide!"


A little bit of direction from the photographer would have been nice. What has Mark Davies spotted on the ceiling? Will it help him get back into the side?


Whatever the joke was, we just missed it. 


Unless the club knows something that we don't have any hint of, you have to wonder why they asked Andrei Arshavin to model in a Bolton shirt. He has to be worth more than £12.99, right? 

The full catalogue can be seen here and actually does feature some good looking stuff next to the awkward photos of players and awkward models trying to model. Spot anything else in there that deserves a second look? Give us a shout.