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Man of the Match: Mark Davies

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Mark Davies had a relatively quite game for Bolton but that's not to say that his performance was not instrumental. Mavies controlled the midfield against Aston Villa through his passing and piercing runs. In 90 minutes on the field, he completed 30 of 33 attempted passes, misplacing only one in the second half. He only took three shots during the match, one of which was on target, one blocked, and one off target but that was not the most important part of his contribution. He won five important tackles in the midfield but also was on the losing end of four of them in similar areas. He was also the only Bolton man to receive a yellow card in the match.

Mark Davies was our choice this week not because he was the most outstanding player of the match. No one really was. Jussi Jaaskelainen made sure we didn't get stomped but his three saves were not enough and Chris Eagles would have nicked it had he scored but many of his runs down the flank were aimless and he lost a couple of balls in advanced attacking positions.

What are your thoughts on who the man of the match should be?