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The Weekend In Quotes

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Another tough defeat for Bolton Wanderers has sent them to the bottom of the Premier League table once again. While we can analyze all of the shortcomings (and trust us, there's a lot of them), we would rather hear it straight from the horses, er players, mouths. Although, if this continues, who knows how many of them will be sent to that big footballer glue factory otherwise known as retirement.

"We have to go out and grind out results, even if it is just starting with a point because that would be a better result than what we have had in our last few games.

"That would give us something to build on and some confidence, but first of all we have to fight. If we are resilient and hard to beat then there is every chance you can win games.''

-Zat Knight

"I have been long enough in the game to know it's a results business, regardless of what I put in place in the football club and the building bricks for longevity and to move forward," the Scot told the Bolton News.

"Whatever it is, it is. I have never run from a fight in my life but if someone felt there was a better solution for the football club, I have no problem with that."

-Owen Coyle

"Owen is our man. We are working to a longer term here,' he said. 'He is committed to it and we are committed to the job in hand. Owen is a big part of that project."

-Phil Gartside

"Disappointment is an understatement, because we were at home and looking to win the game and start moving up the league," Coyle said.

"It is a horrible feeling. I thought the game started evenly with two teams looking quite nervous, but then we conspired towards our own downfall.

"Aston Villa have some very good players, but we made four or five individual mistakes within the first goal - it was self-inflicted.

"Then you are looking for a reaction, for people to show a bit of guts, desire and hunger for the football club. If the truth be told, for a few minutes, they looked as if they felt sorry for themselves, and that allowed Aston Villa to get a second goal.

"[In the second half] it was a much better performance and much more like ourselves. But it is not good enough to just do it for the duration of a second half, it has to be for the entirety of a match."

- more Owen Coyle