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You Kinda Have To Feel Bad For Sean Davis

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Sean Davis understands that you might not remember him. After all, it's been 27 months since he last made a Premier League appearance. He first moved to Bolton in the summer of 2009 on a free transfer from Portsmouth during the Gary Megson regime and played three Premier League matches and once in the Carling Cup before suffering an articular cartilage injury that saw him sit out the remaining 35 matches in 2009/2010.

During his first injury comeback tour, he was hurt again in a reserve game against Manchester City. The subsequent surgery had him relegated to the hospital bed and rehab facilities for all of 2010/2011. Davis has just recently played a couple of games with the reserves and guess what! He didn't get injured!

The official Bolton Wanderers website just interviewed Sean and some of the stuff he says, well, it makes you feel for him.

"It's been hard. I'm very much the forgotten man. I keep myself to myself. There's been so many long days of doubting whether you're ever going to play football again. But, you keep working hard and hoping that there's going to be some light at the end of the tunnel.

"My knee feels fine. I do extra work and I'm always in the gym working on my strength and power. I feel like I know my body a lot more now. When you're out for so long you don't really have any choice.

"It's been very hard, watching games and being around the place with nobody knowing who you are. It's been embarassing at times. Saying that, I know I've got a strong character to prove a lot of people wrong."

Oh, Sean.

Davis is closer than ever to a return to the senior side. He says later in the interview:

"Obviously the team are down near the bottom of the league at the moment," Davis explained. "I've been through that experience before when I joined Portsmouth in January and hopefully we can use the team spirit to get out this situation.

"My aim now is to give the gaffer a headache. I want to keep progressing in training and for the reserves, and then get myself registered in the first team squad come January."

Hopefully he's back in the mix sooner rather than later and can help command the midfield as Bolton Wanderers slowly but surely climb back up to Premier League safety.

If you want to read the full interview, and you should,just hit this link