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Man of the Match: Martin Petrov

He didn't spend the entire match like this.
He didn't spend the entire match like this.

It's difficult, after a good match, to pick the best player from the bunch. However, after a bad match, like yesterday's loss to Newcastle, it's even more difficult. The truth is that no one put in a truly exceptional performance yesterday. There were quite a few players who had moments where they looked alright, but no one stood out the entire match. After much deliberation (i.e. the 5 minutes I could stand thinking about it) I went with Martin Petrov.

The Bulgarian winger is very much an up-and-down player. When he can be bothered, he looks good, and for whatever reason yesterday he was bothered. Petrov had what was arguably Bolton's best chance the entire match, when he sent a scorching free kick past the wall, forcing Tim Krul into a diving save. While Bolton spent quite a lot of the match defending, when they weren't the most effective attacks were coming from the ;eft, although this is partially due to Boyata's incompetence on the right. Overall a forgettable day for the Wanderers, but if Petrov can replicate that performance when the rest of the team shows up as well, he may prove very dangerous indeed.

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