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Sam Ricketts Is Out For The Season

Ricketts Injured What was an already thin back line has just been stretched even thinner. With Zat Knight’s injury and David Wheater filling in for him, Bolton are back to having no center backs on the bench. Then, on Wednesday against Wigan, the Wanderers lost another.

Blame the pitch at the DW Stadium, the pies, or whatever else you want, the fact is that this is nowhere near our ideal back four. While tracking Victor Moses, Sam Ricketts went down without a challenge and hat to be stretchered off the field. Owen Coyle confirmed that Ricketts injury is in fact a ruptured AChilles tendon and the he will be out for the rest of the season.

With Jlloyd Samuel and Gretar Steinsson still out injured, it’s looking extremely likely that the youngster Marcos Alonso will have to step in again like he did against Wigan mid-week. Alonso came in as a left back which forced Paul Robinson to play on the right.

Let’s hope for some depth again, soon. Please.