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Bolton v. Wolves

cahill v wolvesShall we have the bad news first? We're still in the midseason slump I keep talking about. I realise my previews are getting fairly repetitive. Every game I've been saying "This is the one, we're coming out of it now, how could anything possibly go wrong?" Every game, things do go wrong. It is Bolton after all. Now that my pessimistic ramblings are over, we can move on to the good news. We're playing Wolves at home. It sounds condescending, but let me explain myself.

While both teams have been going through a slump in form, Wolves has been much more impressive, particularly on the road. They've only gotten 4 points from a possible 33 away from home, which is the worst record of the league by four points. Recently they've conceded seven goals in their last two Premiership games. They also have a poor record against Bolton in recent history, having won just one out of the last eight fixtures between the two clubs.

At the same time, Bolton have been put in better shape than they've been all month with the return of Chung Yong and the addition of Daniel Sturridge. Our two top strikers have been going through a goal drought of late,a nd this can be at least partially put up to lack of competition. Ivan Klasnic also appears to be fully fit, appearing on the bench last game. This game, the stage really is set for a return to form. Come on you White Men!