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News Round Up

dannyThere's no doubt that the addition of Daniel Sturridge has given the team a jolt. He's scored two goals in two games, earning three points with one of them. He's attracted the praise of his new teammates, Taylor saying, "Sturridge has done very well. He gives us something different. He’s very confident and wants to get on the ball and play. He’s got us goals and he’s been a fantastic addition." And Zat Knight chimed in, ""Daniel is a fantastic prospect. He’s scored two goals in two games – and he's only trained with us two or three times." This has prompted the obvious speculation about whether Bolton will extend the loan. I love what I've seen but I doubt he'll stay. He'll go back if Chelsea want him, and if he keeps this up, they most certainly will.

In other news, the ever adorable Owen Coyle has compiled a DVD of alleged injustices made against the club. It probably will achieve nothing, and while I agree that Bolton have been hard done by several times this season (ahem, Gary Cahill), I don't think Bolton suffer more than any other club. I believe, perhaps overly optimistically, that over a season things will roughly even out. The referee is a mortal who will make mistakes, some worse than others, but I don't think that there's much to be done about it. Really, I just wrote about this because I like picturing Coyle sitting on his living room floor, compiling this DVD. He probably gave a shout of victory every time he found a mistake.

I leave you with this video. Just do it for us again Johan, yeah?