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Cahill to Get the Start, Finally

cahillBolton have had a great season. Aside from several bumps around Christmas, we've looked like a better than good team, and the whole country has noticed. Part of this improvement has been our defense and the fact that it no longer allows the opposing team to stroll through our box like it's their back garden (well, mostly). A certain Gary Cahill has had a massive season, organising our back four, making game saving tackles, and just generally being solid. Bolton fans have long been praising Cahill, but it seems this season the rest of the footballing world has caught up. When Cahill wasn't even on the bench for the Euro qualifier against Wales, there were many Boltonian grumbles to be heard.

However, tomorrow is his chance to shine. Dawson and Terry have been sent home and Capello has said that Cahill will start, alongside Jagielka, for what will be his third cap and first shot at 90 minutes. There's been much complaining in the English press that Capello is "cheating" the England fans by playing a "B side". This is fairly ridiculous, as it is a friendly meaning it's the perfect time for Capello to experiment with new players. You can't complain that Capello is playing an old team and then also complain when he plays new players. Well, I suppose you can but you sound silly. Politics aside, I couldn't be more pleased for our Gary. Best of luck tomorrow, show England what they've been missing!