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Stu Holden Wins BWSA Player of the Year-UPDATED with Video

DV831071Really, it had to be him. The Yank lit up the Reebok this season, putting in great performance after great performance. He orchestrated our midfield, sending promising balls through to his strikers and wingers. He worked hard, making tackles for every ball that he lost and then some. He celebrated every goal his teammates scored, and got a few of his own back. His season was cut short by a poor tackle resulting in his second serious injury in a year. Maybe this injury is what really sealed the award, because we saw what our team looks like without him, and it's not always pretty.

Paul Robinson came in second place, a interesting result given the split opinions he draws from supporters. Some (including your two bloggers) think he's an unskilled tackler who is past his prime, while others think he's dependable and solid. Regardless, he is our first choice leftback, and until Alonso comes into his own we shouldn't complain too much.

Congratulations to both Stu and Robbo, and thanks for all the work you've put in for Bolton this season!

Stu Thanks the Supporters