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Birmingham City 2-1 Bolton: Really?

Coyle Reaction Wasted points again. We didn’t even wait long to drop them.

Hit the break for a full match write-up and highlights.

Just 4 minutes in, Sebastian Larsson’s corner found Kevin Phillips just inside the 18 yard box. The man who refuses to retire scored another great goal on the Wanderers as he put that chest of his to good use to settle the ball. The hit on the half volley went near post and although Jussi could’ve and should’ve done more, that was not the case. The ball went off of his hands and in. 1-0.

After the halftime break, Brum decided that doubling their advantage would be a good idea. The goal came from Craig Gardner but only after he lost his marker at the top of the box. “Who was it?” you may ask. None other than Fabrice Muamba who happened to fall over, allowing Gardner to get a shot off of a ball that was just lined up for him. Off the post and in.

Elmander gave the Wanderers fans hope in the 70th minute. Super Kev chested the ball down on the edge of the box (popular area in this one) allowing Johan Elmander to create an astoundingly cute outside-of-the-foot finish. It was something out of just about nothing and became one of those “Holy #&%@” moments.

While Elmo made it exciting, Brum held on to claim a massive 3 points that took them out of the drop zone. This was one of the few matches where BWFC actually outshot the opponents with 20 shots, 9 on target, to Brum’s 12 and 5 figures respectively. Unfortunately, the chances simply weren’t taken and a drop to 8th place is what we got.

The Whites return home to face West Ham next Saturday while 9th place Newcastle are away to Villa and 7th place Everton are away to Wolves. Here’s to hoping that Mark Davies is fit and soon to help boss around the midfield.