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Stu Holden is Still Adorable with a Broken Leg (A Soccer AM Recap)

stu1Stu Holden was missed on Saturday in the game against Birmingham, but just because he can't play doesn't mean we don't get to see him. While his teammates were kitting up, Stu was on Soccer AM, playing Jenga, wearing cowboy hats, and other important things. If you missed it (as I myself did), I am here to recap all of the very important bits for you, with my commentary, which really is better than watching it live. Links to the actual videos at the end of the post.

They opened the interview with a highlight reel of Stu's Bolton days. It was hard for me to watch, and it must've been even harder for poor old Stu. However, there was comic relief as in the reel was a clip of Stu and Paul Robinson performing one of the oddest celebrations I've seen, which you may recognise. They both reached for their knee and just fell over.
If you are confused, fear not, as the first question was about exactly what was going on. Holden said that it was actually an inside joke with the kit man, that Stu and Robbo were poking fun at him for a time he attempted to put on a sock and fell over. This is an example of why I love this club. There is such unity top to bottom, and this celebration that demonstrated that.

Next came the highlight of the entire show, and that is Stu Holden in a cowboy hat. Just take a second, appreciate. I'll be here when you're done.
After the hats were (unfortunately) removed, the conversation turned to the injury. On the surface Stu has remained very positive, saying he'll come back stronger and a better player. But as the show points out, this is his second serious injury in the last 12 months, he has to get down sometime. On the subject he said, "It's a bummer because you can't do what you love doing, or even the simplest of things like pick up a shoe." The camera sympathetically took a close up of the broken leg in question.
Luckily for Stu, he does have a support system, most notably his little brother Euan, who traveled down to London with him for the interview. Stu posted this photo of Euan on Twitter on the journey, and Euan said (on Twitter) that he would regret it. Well, I have a feeling I know what Euan's revenge was. It came out on the show that Stu was actually a huge computer nerd. He competed in the Cyber Olympics. I'm not sure which was more shocking to me, the fact that there is a Cyber Olympics, or the fact that Stu competed. Of course, Stu was adorably bashful about the whole thing, so it was all ok.

They moved on to his part time jobs, including as a grocery bagger, and I would like to add, never have I seen a grocery bagger as cute as Stu at my grocery store. I feel cheated. He said that although he would not be taking up a part time job during this injury, he would keep busy, cleaning people's apartments and such. Exactly whose abode will Stu be cleaning? My guess is Klasnic. Look at the bromantic connection.

The actual interview drew to an end, but really this was a good thing as Stu put the cowboy hat back on. Note the pro air-lassoing form he displays.

Later in the show, he was challenged to speed Jenga. Naturally, he won. And looked cute doing it.

There was also a small segment of the show where he was asked what the 3 things he would bring to England from America were. He thought hard about it, as the face in the adjoining photo shows. stu7 Finally he decided that he would bring the sun, cheerleaders (Reebok Rebels not doing it for you Stu?) and swimming pools, but not before the presenters gave him suggestions. They shouted out "twinkies? muffins and maple syrup?" As Mark asked, is this what they think we are? Twinkies, muffins, and maple syrup.


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