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Bolton Get a New Home Kit, Here's What It Will Look Like

2011BoltonKit22011After months of speculation and debate about whether Bolton would or wouldn’t and whether they should or shouldn’t get a new kit or two for the 2011/12 Premier League season. Regardless of opinions, Bolton Wanderers Football Club are set to reveal our brand spankin’ new home kits on Thursday, May 12 and have them on sale on the 19th.

Through the official Twitter account, the club have released two sneak peak images, below, and with a little research, I’ve been able to create a mock-up of what we think the kit will look like.

On a side note, FC Koln of Germany (Lukas Podolski’s club) have released their home kit today. Reebok are on of the laziest kit manufacturers around, only offering 3 or so templates every year. Koln and Bolton have used the same template since the infamous barcode shirt of 2009/10.