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New Bolton Home Kit Revealed: Ew

homekitWell we saw the teasers. We got excited. Your beloved blogger Mark even made a mock up of what he thought (hoped) the new shirts would look like. And then tonight, we find out that the look like this.

It's difficult to know what to say at this point except that it's all wrong. I was hoping that it would grow on me, but it just gets worse every time I look at it. First of all, the shorts should never have been blue. And if they just had to be blue, the designers should have just gone all the way instead of leaving that white blotch. And if they just needed to have the white blotch on the shorts, they should have put it on the other leg to give the kit some balance. And I haven't even gotten to the shirt itself yet.

It's wrong. The shirt is wrong. The asymmetrical shoulders looks clunky and off balance instead of edgy. The badge's framing makes it look like a small afterthought instead of the heart and soul of the kti. The angles of the unidentifiable blue shape are incredibly unflattering (and will look even worse on female fans). I don't even know what is going on with that blue block on the right hip. Finally, the socks bring me back to the days when my gran insisted on embroidering my initials into the tags of all my clothes. It still looks embarrassing. Please dear lord, give us a decent away kit.